THE REAPER by Sean Liebling

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Permuted Press - THE REAPER, Liebling - CoverTHE REAPER
Sean Liebling
Permuted Press
Publication Date: January 2014
Trade Paperback Edition: 9781618681881
E-Book Edition: ISBN 9781618681898

From the top selling author of the post-apocalyptic Blood, Brains and Bullets series, comes the first book in a new standalone series set in the same Blood, Brains and Bullets world.


Former USMC Captain Jason Scott comes home one day to find that ravenous zombies have slaughtered his family. Berserk with rage, he kills every one of them. As he stands over the bodies of the now truly dead, his mission is clear. He must fight the Lord’s fight and take the battle to the evil minions of Satan, both living and dead. And he must scout westward to recon the forces of a shadow government. In the process, Jason Scott becomes the coldest, deadliest killer in the new world of the apocalypse: The Reaper.

About Sean Liebling

Sean Liebling served twice the in USMC before turning to writing. The author of the Blood, Brains and Bullets series, Liebling resides in Saginaw, Michigan with his family.

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