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Highlight: The Paperbook Blog Reviews CABBAGES AND KINGS by Thomas Steinbeck

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Check out the great review Jayde Ashe, over at The Paperbook Blog, wrote for Thomas Steinbeck’s CABBAGES AND KINGS: Click here.

This review was included in the Paperbook Blog’s “Month of Steinbeck” and “Novellas in November” campaign.

Jayde Ashe not only runs the Paperbook Blog, but also runs the online literary magazine The Paperbook Collective, a unique amalgamation of online and print media that is free to download and distribute.


GREY FOX by J.L. Bourne

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J.L. Bourne
Permuted Press
Publication Date: October 2013
ISBN 9781618681591

GREY FOX is the most recent installment in J.L. Bourne’s noted  Day by Day Armageddon zombie fiction series. An e-short story, GREY FOX brings readers deeper into the Day By Day Armageddon world

A short note about the story from J.L. Bourne:

Time is a very fluid thing, no one really has a grasp on it other than maybe how to measure it. As the maestro of the Day by Day Armageddon Universe, I have the latitude of being in control of that time. I can adjust the slider either direction, moving the timeline back and forth along the continuum. This is one of the perks of creation, the benefit in constructing something (albeit small) from nothing. Sort of makes you wonder what the maestro of the universe is up to, no? You have again stumbled upon a ticket with service through the apocalyptic wastes, but this time the train is a little bit older, a little more beat up, and maybe a little wiser. Keep your doors locked.

About J.L. Bourne:

J.L. Bourne is an active duty military officer and and the author of DAY BY DAY ARMAGEDDON (September 2009), and its sequels, DAY BY DAY ARMAGEDDON: BEYOND EXILE (July 2010) and DAY BY DAY ARMAGEDDON: SHATTERED HOURGLASS (December 2012). He started out his Day by Day Armageddon series by posting handwritten installments of it on a personal website back in 2003. He had no idea he had even drawn in readers for a while until they started emailing him (there were no metrics back then).

On top of being an active duty military officer, Bourne also has a very active social media presence.

Visit J.L. Bourne’s Twitter
Visit J.L. Bourne’s Facebook Page
Visit J.L. Bourne’s Personal Website

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Post Hill Press - OBAMACARE, Miller

Jason Miller
Post Hill Press
Publication Date: October 2013
Trade Paperback Edition: ISBN 9781618689863
E-book Edition: ISBN 9781618689870


An Obamacare book like no other, OBAMACARE: HEALTHCARE APOCALYPSE not only lays out all of the core components of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for readers, but also provides a detailed analysis of the long-term impacts this massive federal intrusion into healthcare will bring forth. Whether by intentional design or as the byproduct of bad law, Miller writes that Obamacare will tax the current predominantly employment-based third-party payor system to the breaking point, which will pave the way for full-scale government intervention in the form of socialized medicine. Obamacare will accomplish this feat under the guise of consumer protections. In OBAMACARE: HEALTHCARE APOCALYPSE, Miller brings to light that the real impact of Obamacare will be felt slowly over time as a series of delayed-implementation “time bombs” that will erupt with damaging consequences.

About Jason Miller

Jason Miller is a health law attorney who writes extensively on an array of healthcare issues, with particular emphasis on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. His writing has appeared in The Washington Times, Medscape Journal of Medicine, Modern Healthcare, Pennsylvania Outdoor News, and The Lawyers Journal. Miller received his law degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law with a certificate in health law.

Read  Jason Miller’s Recent Article in The Washington Times

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A Series of Novellas by Thomas Steinbeck

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Cabbages-and-Kings-700x1024doctor-greenlaw-and-the-zulu-princess-steinbeck-coverMRS. PENNGELLI AND THE PIRATE - Cover

Thomas Steinbeck
Post Hill Press

From the son of Nobel Laureate John Steinbeck comes three e-novellas that are being published successively, with CABBAGES AND KINGS (ISBN 9781618689832) in October 2013, DR. GREENLAW AND THE ZULU PRINCESS (ISBN 9781618689849) in November 2013, and MRS. PENNGELLI AND THE PIRATE (ISBN 9781618689856) in December 2013. A hardcover omnibus edition is to follow in January 2014.

About Thomas Steinbeck

A California native, Thomas Steinbeck is the author of the short story collection Down to a Soundless Sea (Ballantine 2002) and the novels In the Shadow of the Cypress (Simon & Schuster 2010) and The Silver Lotus (Counterpoint 2011).  Along with his writing career, Steinbeck is a public speaker and lecturer on American literature, creative writing, and the communication arts and their benefits to contemporary society. He serves as an honorary board member at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood, the Center for Steinbeck Studies at San Jose State University, and the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas, California.

Visit Thomas Steinbeck’s Personal Website
Thomas Steinbeck on the Secret to Writing

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